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School Report Cards


Accountability Reports

School accountability has multiple reports.  Listed below are the links to each type of report for the district and the campuses of Hale Center ISD.  All of the reports are available on the Texas Education Agency website:


School Report Card (SRC):  The school report card (SRC) combines accountability ratings, data from the Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR), and financial information to give a broad view of campus performance. Available for each campus in Texas, the SRC is intended specifically to inform parents and guardians about a school’s individual characteristics and its academic performance. School Report Cards are also available on the Texas Education Agency website,


Report Card Definitions

Report Card Definitions (Spanish)

Akin Elementary  2021-22

Carr Middle School  2021-22

Hale Center High School  2021-22

Hale Center ISD  2021-22


Accountability Rating System:  This report provides accountability summaries, which show accountability ratings and distinction designations, and tables showing the data used to assign the ratings and award distinctions.  The Accountability Rating System is also available on the Texas Education Agency website,


2022 Acedemic Accountability System Framework 

2022 Accountability System Overview

2022 Highlights of State Academic Accountability Reporting 

2022 Accountability Manual

Akin Elementary Accountability Summary  2022

Carr Middle School Accountability Summary  2022

Hale Center High School Accountability Summary  2022

Hale Center ISD (District) Accountability Summary  2022

Region Accountability Report  2022

State Accountability Report  2022


The Texas Performance Reporting System (TPRS) integrates state and federal reporting requirements into a single reporting system that can be viewed at the campus, district, region, and state level. As the most comprehensive reporting system published by TEA, TPRS provides additional performance reports, results, and indicators for student groups not previously reported on state accountability data tables, the Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR), or the School Report Card.  The online TAPR System (HTML version) will no longer be published, but the data can be accessed through our Texas Performance Reporting System (TPRS).  The TPRS will be updated on a rolling basis as more current data become available. 


TPRS Comprehensive Glossary

TPRS Comprehensive Glossary (Spanish)

Akin:  2022-2023

Carr:  2022-2023

High School:  2022-2023

District TPRS:  2022-2023

Regional TPRS:  2022-2023

State TPRS:  2022-2023


Texas Assessment Performance Report (TAPR):  The Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR) pull together a wide range of information on the performance of students in each school and district in Texas every year. Performance is shown disaggregated by student groups, including ethnicity and socioeconomic status. The reports also provide extensive information on school and district staff, programs, and student demographics. Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR) are also available on the Texas Education Agency website,


22-23 Guidelines

22-23 Glossary

District TAPR   2021-22  2022-2023

Hale Center High School   2021-22  2022-2023

Carr Middle School  2021-22  2022-2023

Akin Elementary   2021-22  2022-2023

Region TAPR   2021-22  2022-2023

State TAPR   2021-22  2022-2023


Federal Report Cards (FCR): Federal Report Cards are also available on the Texas Education Agency website,


Information in the Federal Report Card (English)  

Information in the Federal Report Card (Spanish)  

State of Texas –   2020-21  2021-22  2022-2023

Hale Center ISD –   2020-21  2021-22  2022-2023

Hale Center High School –  2020-21  2021-22  2022-2023

Carr Middle School –  2020-21  2021-22  2022-2023

Akin Elementary – 2020-21  2021-22  2022-2023